2019 Annual Banquet

“Hidden Gems”


The Annual Banquet is held in January each year. It is considered the official introduction of the Board Chair for the new year. The evening features the previous year’s accomplishments as well as the coming year’s priorities and goals.  This year, almost 400 community, county and state leaders and business representatives attended.  It is a gala evening with an excellent meal, highlighting the “Outstanding Citizens of the Year”

2017 Outstanding Citizens of the Year

NW Natural

Outstanding Business of the Year

“What we love about this business is that they are all about community. They give, donate, support, and help ANY AND ALL community members, especially or non-profits in and around the Gorge, even if you are not a customer of their business. Our community truly could not do our events without them as they never charge for these services or the use of their supplies and equipment. They lead by example and consistently demonstrate by their actions, words, and positive outlook, how to truly BE and great community.”


Joan Silver

Outstanding Woman of the Year

“She serves on two different economic development committees, a political action committee, has spent time as a part of The Dalles school Facilities Committee, and is active on the chamber’s government affairs committee. She has a depth of knowledge of government issues at the local, state, and national level.  If you sit for a moment and ask she will leave in you awe of her passion to make life better and to protect what we have through legislation.”

Chris Zukin

Outstanding Man of the Year

"He has been a long-time community leader who leads by example. His wisdom, commitment, and service has been invaluable to our community. He coordinates meals for
community members in need, this isn’t just one or two meals a month that needs to be coordinated but 3 nights a week for the entire year. He has been known and appreciated for donating his entire warehouse in his own business for a local food drive."

Krystal Klebes

Outstanding Educator of the Year

“She could be seen all over town volunteering with the belief that to help make your community stronger you must give of your own time and energy.  She has practiced this belief by helping with several of our local organizations from walking a dog for Home at Last to creating a fun play space at Wonderworks Children’s Museum. She is an encouragement to her students and a reminder to us here of what it takes to teach and lead our youth by being an example.”


Steven Klaviter

Outstanding Youth of the Year

“He is not afraid of hard work or leadership; he even seeks out being a leader whether it be in the classroom or finding ways to enrich services and programs for his own peers.  He is described by community members as positive, dedicated, inspiring, energetic, with a heart for service. He even sits on a special advisory board in our community that helps plan activities for local teens and works with other teens to find ways to improve the lives of young people in The Dalles!”


Michael Holloran

Outstanding First Responder of the Year

“He has spent hours doing the normal day to day tasks necessary for their job, but he also spends many extra hours giving to our community in numerous ways. He spends time with kids – teaching and mentoring them – demonstrating how to develop strategies, and practice patience. He works with churches, schools, and even a chess club, to connect and teach the kids in and around The Dalles.  His dedication goes way beyond the badge he wears.”

Mike Kilkenny

Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

"Community Involvement, Service, Energy, and passion are just a few of the words we use to describe him. He leads by example when it comes to volunteering and serving with The Dalles Lions Club. He may be helping to prepare or serve meals for those in need. You may even find him tossing a tree into a truck at certain times of the year or wearing a bright vest and helping with traffic while little ones march by during the downtown trick or treating. And he always does it with a smile!" 

Rich & Brook Remington

Outstanding Agriculture Achievement  of the Year

“Both grew up in various 4H endeavors and have strongly supported the Youth program over many years, including serving as a Club Leader. The leadership skills were stoked. In 2009, this husband–wife team received the Outstanding Conservation Award for Wasco County. Over the years, they have raised wheat and livestock and, since acquiring a recent lease complete with its own “irritation,” have added hay to their crop lists.”                     

Lisa Farquharson

Outstanding Leadership of the Year

“She LOVES the community and will do what it takes to make it successful. This person is extremely excited about all things The Dalles and they make things happen. She has dedication, drive, compassion and energy and is able to take anything on and are willing to put themselves out there to get things accomplished. This to me is a great leader and someone to look up to. They always have the best interests of the community at heart.”