Board of Directors


Megan Thompson
Megan Thompson Chair
Cascade Cherry Growers
106 E. 4th St. #4
The Dalles, OR 97058
(541) 288-6753
[email protected]
Connie Ford
Connie Ford Outgoing Chair
Zim’s Brau Haus
(541) 296 – 2368
[email protected]
Jennifer Gonzalez
Jennifer Gonzalez Treasurer
One Main Financial
(541) 296-4666
Mindy McHale
Mindy McHale Secretary
Hire Electric Inc.
(541) 296 – 5574
[email protected]


Shannon Red Cloud
Shannon Red Cloud Director
Pure Yoga, LLC
(541) 993 – 3997
[email protected]
Jeff Nichols
Jeff Nichols Director
Jeff Nichols CPA PC
(541) 769-1157
[email protected]
Brian Lauterbach
Brian Lauterbach Director
Windermere Real Estate
(541) 298-4451
[email protected]
Bill Timinisky
Bill Timinisky Director
BET Construction Inc. (541) 980 – 2886 [email protected]
Andrew Stanek
Andrew Stanek Director
Spooky’s Pizza Restaurant
(541) 298 – 2211
[email protected]
Lindsey Brady
Lindsey Brady Director
Toasted Maple
(541) 300-8088
[email protected]
Courtney Judah
Courtney Judah Director
Columbia Gorge Community College
(541) 506-6101
[email protected]
Laurie Light
Laurie Light Director
Freebridge Brewing
(541) 769-1234
[email protected]
John Grant
John Grant Director
Smart Foodservice
(541) 296-2265
[email protected]
Aryn Rasmussen
Aryn Rasmussen Director
Columbia Gorge Regional Airport
(509) 767-0005
[email protected]
Shawn Wilkenson
Shawn Wilkenson Director
Auction Sales Co.
(541) 296-1012
[email protected]
Terry Cobb
Terry Cobb Director
Cobblestone Catering, LLC
(541) 467-2262
[email protected]


Steve Kramer
Steve Kramer Ex-Officio Director
County Commissioner
Wasco County
David Griffith
David Griffith Ex-Officio Director
Port Commissioner
Port of The Dalles
Shopping Basket