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Throughout the past weeks, The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce has hosted a series of webinars to bring you tactical solutions for your most pressing business problems, take your questions and feedback, and continue to support you, your businesses, and your employees. Recaps from each event can be found below so you can catch up on what you may have missed.

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Samantha Irwin, Kaizen Business Coaching and Consulting

Is hiring one of your least favorite tasks? Would you like to spend time interviewing motivated, qualified, and excited applicants? There are a couple things you can do to make your process more effective, efficient, and even fun!

I grew tired of wasting valuable time sitting in an interview with someone who clearly was not prepared or a going to be a good fit. I wanted to move people along in the process BEFORE they sat with me (and staff) for an interview.

We were looking for people who would fit well with our team, who were excited about what we did and wanted to be a part of it.

Using some creative innovation, and the process that was already in place, I was able to insert a few things into the process that resulted in less time wasted for myself, staff, and the potential interviewees!

Now my clients are using some of the tools to help people self-filter and find the best fit for their teams (sooner rather than later)

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Maximize your time and effort
  • Find the best staff for your business
  • Increase hiring efficiency
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Utilize tools you already have in place

DOWNLOAD YOUR GUIDE (companion to the webinar):

Increase Your Hiring Effectiveness – Your Guide to Creating a Kick-Ass Team that Sticks Around and Elevates Your Business

Samantha Irwin
Kaizen Coaching and Consulting


Presented by: Nichole Biechler, It’s All a Little Grey, LLC

Nichole Biechler of It’s All a Little Grey, LLC, discusses the ever-evolving conditions surrounding Covid-19 are naturally affecting our individual mental health and our employees. Let’s walk through a list of things to consider, resources available and a unified validation of this “weird” experience we are all encountering.


Nichole Biechler


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It’s All a Little Grey, LLC

Paycheck Protection Program, Reporting and Debt Forgiveness Guidelines

Presented by: Gregory Price, Small Business Development Center

A panel of experts as they will be reviewing what you need to do to maximize the amount of your PPP loan forgiveness. They discuss what the SBA and local banks are expecting in respect to reporting guidelines. A question and answer session follows.

Presented by an expert panel:
*Gregory Price, Director of Columbia Gorge SBDC at CGCC
*Tom Schnell, Business Finance Officer at Business Oregon
*Dillon Borton, Vice President of Key Bank
*Noah Brockman, Capital Access Team Lead for Oregon SBDC Network

Gregory Price, SBDC
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Small Business Navigator Hotline – (833) 604-0880


Presented by: Gregory Price, Small Business Development Center

Gregory Price, Director of Columbia Gorge SBDC. Gregory looks at managing cash flow, supply chain management, marketing, price and cost containment, technology, and operational and managerial best practices that business can do now and later to be better prepared to operate and succeed in these times. That is something we can consider scheduling if you think it would be of service. Don’t miss out on the crucial information and resources.

Gregory Price, SBDC
[email protected]


Presented by: Samantha Irwin, Kaizen Zone

How can you engage with your customer during quarantine? Should you engage with them? What do they need and want to know? How can you gain access to a new audience, one that REALLY fits your business?

I answer these questions and outline 5 Steps to Success for business owners to take and utilize right now during quarantine. These steps apply all of the time and are especially helpful now when business is skinny!

In this webinar Samantha talks about customer engagement, how not to lose them during quarantine and even gain a few more fans!

•Why should you be consistently engaging with your customer right now?

  • How will you consistently connect with your customer?
  • What does your customer need/want right now from you?
  • What can you do to strengthen customer relationships and retention?
  • How can you gain access to a new audience?

DOWNLOAD YOUR WORKBOOK HERE: https://kaizen.zone/training-workshops-events/

Samantha Irwin
Kaizen Coaching and Consulting
You Tube:

Samantha is a direct, honest, and encouraging business coach and consultant with a keen eye for seeing your business through the lens of your customer and employees.
She assists motivated business owners to solve their growing pains, gain some time freedom, and increase their positive impact with employees and with their customers.

To contact, email: [email protected]

“Samantha’s webinar was SO helpful for me, as a business owner!  Samantha did a wonderful job breaking down into simple actionable items for me to help my business stay engaged with my customers and my team.”
Erika Wilson BS, MHS
Owner , Columbia Laser Skin Center


Presented by: Gregory Price, Small Business Development Center

In this webinar Gregory went over updates regarding PPP and EIDL as well as some other federal and regional programs.

Gregory Price, Small Business Development Center

[email protected]


Presented by: Rick Leibowitz, RepCFO

In this webinar Rick went over a strategic plan for businesses to start while they are experiencing difficulties during this tough time.

Things such as Assessing opportunities, Improving operating efficiencies, Mapping a course for improved performance & Establishing Milestones!

Rick Leibowitz, RepCFO

[email protected]


Presented by: Gregory Price, Small Business Development Center

In this webinar, Gregory Price from Small Business Development Center talks about services and resources available to the small business community by the SBDC center. He will also discuss some of the current funding sources offered to small businesses suffering from the economic impact of COVID-19 and some basic things a company can do to be better prepared for emergencies and economic resiliency.

For more info about SBDC click here.


Presented by: Columbia Bank

In this webinar, Tamara Mumford & Carmen Myers from Columbia Bank explain the Paycheck Protection Program and answer questions from webinar attendees. Find more information about PPP here.