Hard to believe that the first day of spring is less than a month away! The snowfall over the past few weeks has been especially challenging for many of us. School and event cancellations, dangerous driving conditions, not to mention shoveling, shoveling, and more shoveling! It’s a good reminder that sometimes things don’t go as planned and that we need to be flexible. It also highlights what a strong sense of community we have here in The Dalles. Over the past week, I’ve seen so many examples of people helping others: shoveling snow for those who can’t, helping watch kids during school closures and late starts, helping give rides to those not comfortable driving, the list goes on and on. As the winter weather comes to an end (hopefully soon!) I’d challenge you to keep an eye out for opportunities to help others.

In other news, the 2019 legislative session is in full swing. This year’s session can only be described as massive. There are thousands of bills being discussed, so many that the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce has declined to generate a list of legislative priorities, and is instead taking positions on a case by case basis. Your Chamber recognizes that the enactment, amendment, or repeal of certain laws can have a major impact on our members and their businesses. If you are aware of any laws being taken up during this year’s legislative session that you feel the Chamber should be supporting or opposing, please contact us. We want to hear about it!

Andrew J. Myers
Peachey Davies Myers & Dunn PC