April 2021 Member Focus


I’m stealing a piece from our weekly newsletter, from my church, written by my friend, Jack. He spells it out just the way I feel.

He writes:
“I don’t think it’s just a “spoiled American” malady to dislike change, in general terms. I’m pretty sure it is a universal human condition that everyone struggles with. We seem to be a comfort seeking, self-absorbed creation. Often, when “change” is the topic of conversation, it is about transitioning from what we’re accustomed to and comfortable with into an unknown or unwelcome next step in our lives. This last year is an obvious example.

Ecclesiastes chapter 3 acknowledges all of this thinking, as we’re reminded that, “there is a time for every season and activity under heaven”.

Though I think it is healthy and realistic to accept the fact that change is inevitable in this life, that doesn’t have to be viewed as something unwelcome or foreboding. My prayer for each of us is, that we might be able to relax in His trusted care, as we experience the prospects of change. Take today, for example.” – Jack

“Change” can mean positive things, progress, and a coming together of our community in ways we couldn’t have imagined. There are so many things happening as we are beginning to OPEN and see each other mask to mask. One of the biggest pieces that the Chamber did not foresee helping with was the ordering and distribution of PPE Supplies. We are so thrilled that we get to be a part of this amazing program provided by Business Oregon for each county around the state of Oregon. Do you know that with this 5th and Final order that over a MILLION DOLLARS in PPE Supplies will have been distributed to Wasco County? WOWZA

Our Chamber staff has also been busy trying to keep us all informed and promoting our businesses. PLEASE read your weekly eblast as they inform the community of free supplies, when there are grants, and / or funding opportunities along with events, specials, and important legislation. Check out the Community Connector for up-to-date details.

Until next time,

Connie Ford
Zim’s Brau Haus Restaurant & Sports Bar
Chair of the Board,
The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce