HELLO EVERYONE! This is an interesting article to write. Being a restaurant owner, Bill & I have really had to put our thinking caps on. We have decided to stay open, keeping a few of our 14 employees working, but the lack of cash flow has really hit us hard, as I’m sure many other businesses as well. We have had extremely supportive customers and we cannot thank them enough. In fact, we had to bring in a couple more kitchen staff to help keep up with cooking and prepping. I am in disbelief, right now. Thank you, Thank you.
I spoke with Johna from Route 30 and she had some very nice things to say,“I’m thankful to the community for continuing to rally around the businesses that are still open and trying to make a living during this difficult time. We appreciate all of their support and if we can, all remain positive, we’ll get through this. I’ve watched and it’s like the stages of grief after someone dies. 1st, panic and hysteria, then the outpouring of love, next, we’ll get through this. It’s not everyone for themselves. That would be sad. Since we have no idea what’s in our future, let’s continue to hold each other up and take it one day at a time and everything should be fine.”
I spoke with Todd from The Last Stop. He and Carla made the difficult decision to close their restaurant during this time. They have had many calls, emails, posts, etc in support of their business. Here are three very good reasons Todd chose to temporarily close. 1. Give other local restaurants an opportunity to serve the community and increase the likely hood that they have support for their overhead to survive. 2. Give our employees the best chance to get support from the resources available to them. 3. Understand COVID-19 and community health initiatives, which seem to be changing daily. We hope everyone is staying healthy out there, safe, and gets the support they need. We are watching and working with resources to bounce back as soon as possible.

Lindsey Brady of Toasted Maple had this to say, “It’s a really difficult time for everyone right now and it all seemed to happen so quickly. We are doing our best to remain positive that as a small business we will be able to make it through the next few months. What is really driving our positive mindset is this community. The outpouring of support for small businesses in town has been inspiring. Thank you to everyone for going out of your way to support all of us. We are all so grateful.”
I see on facebook, many families enjoying outdoor activities. It’s so encouraging to watch the happy times.
The Chamber is working hard to keep updated information available. We have an exciting 41st Annual Cherry Festival celebration in the works. We are partnering with Fort Dalles Fourth for a huge 4th of July weekend. We will have something for EVERYONE! This is really something to look forward to! Keep watching the Chamber’s eblast for all the details, plus much more.

Until next month,

Connie Ford
Zim’s Brau Haus Restaurant & Sports Bar
Chair of the Board,
The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce