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Welcome To The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce

As the Chamber of Commerce for the The Dalles and surrounding areas, it is our mission to make The Dalles and its surrounding communities an attractive place for business. At the heart of this philosophy is a community dedicated to retaining employees by continually improving their quality of life. We believe community strength comes through business involvement.

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Establishing and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet, whether you're waiting to order your morning coffee, participating in an intramural sports league, or attending a work conference.


Business Planning

Business planning commonly involves collecting ideas in a formal business plan that outlines a summary of the business's current state, as well as the state of the broader market, along with detailed steps the business will take to improve performance in the coming period. Business plans aren't just about money.


Promotions & Ribbon Cuttings

As part of becoming a member, The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce will showcase both your business and your celebration, we help you promote your announcement through a featured blog article, and social posts. If you are having an in-person ribbon cutting ceremony, we will even provide the giant scissors and satin ribbon!


This Chamber Means Business

Mission & Strategic Objectives

To provide value to our members through advocacy and leadership, promoting
a positive environment for business, tourism, community, and education. By
being the voice of business, promoting collaboration and helping members grow.

Lisa Farquharson

Business Development | President/CEO


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16 Reasons to Shop Local Instead of Online

16 Reasons to Shop Local Instead of Online

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On November 9, 2021

There is nothing more convenient than whipping out your phone, typing in a URL (or opening an app), perusing offerings, and hitting a few buttons to buy something…anything…everything. We even get our groceries that way these days. But as convenient as online shopping seems, there are several reasons to shop local. In person is the way to go this Small Business Season. If you can suspend disbelief for a few minutes, we’ll explain why. Our

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OR-OSHA Adopts Temporary Rules to  Protect Workers from Excessive Heat

OR-OSHA Adopts Temporary Rules to Protect Workers from Excessive Heat

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On July 8, 2021

Today, OR-OSHA adopted temporary rules to protect workers from excessive heat - these rules are effective immediately. The rules apply to all industries and are triggered by a heat index of 80 degrees. Additional protections are triggered at 90 degrees. Employee training, as required by the temporary rules, must be completed by August 1.    Note that the rules aren’t specific to outdoor work, so workplaces with an outdoor component or lack of HVAC, such as open

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2021 Legislative Session Update – June 21, 2021

2021 Legislative Session Update – June 21, 2021

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On June 21, 2021

  What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations)   We are now entering into the final week of the 2021 legislative session. The legislature has until Sunday at 11:59pm to conclude its business.   Nearly all of the key decisions have been made and bills and budgets will be finalized and voted out of committee.  We expect to see all of the “Christmas Tree” funding, ARPA, and Capital Construction budgets by Thursday morning.   The Senate is

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2021 Legislative Session Update – June 14, 2021

2021 Legislative Session Update – June 14, 2021

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On June 14, 2021

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations)   Much of the Legislature’s focus over the last week was centered around Mike Nearman and whether to expel him from the Legislature over letting protesters into the Capitol in December 2020. On Monday, House Speaker Tina Kotek introduced a measure that would formally expel him from the House of Representatives. By Thursday evening, the House voted 59-1 (with Mike Nearman casting the no vote) to do just that. His

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